Do anyone know how to hide this in Visual Composer?

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Several themes include this in their back-end:

Do anyone know how to hide such parameters? Is it done in /extendvc/extend-vc.php ?

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The information shown there reflect some of the more important setting options for the element (based on what the developer thought of as important). They can be hidden or styled with CSS, but that code is specific for each shortcode, as the CSS rule requires the shortcode base as part of a targeted class name; something like this:

.wpb_**This_Is_The_Shortcode_Base**.wpb_content_element .wpb_element_wrapper > span { ... your custom styling }

Making this code more generic (without the first shortcode specific class name) would affect every element, no matter where it is coming from (native VC, 3rd part addons, theme), which is not advisable. Of course, even if you have the right CSS code, you still need to ensure that it is somehow loaded on the backend, whenever Visual Composer is used.

But really, the theme/add-on author should have applied some basic styling to that output, because the information itself can be useful, so that one doesn’t have to open the settings panel just to recall what specific value some setting options currently have.

Usually, for each setting option in an element, the developer has the choice to show or hide that option, using the …

“admin_label” => true/false,"

… parameter when registering the overall element with Visual Composer. If its set to “true” that value will be shown just like it is in your screenshot. There are other ways of getting such an output, but this is the “official/recommended” way by the VC authors.

That output is in fact controlled somewhere in your theme’s many PHP files, but you should never make any changes to those. For once, all changes will be lost after the next update, and also, if you make any mistake, you can potentially break the whole theme. :slight_smile:

Hello Tekanewa,

Thank you very much for your detailed response. It is quite frustrating that there is no safe way to hide such elements. They do not bother me; but, unfortunately, this website is being managed by a non-tech-savvy person, and therefore he is having some hard time understanding the elements shown.

(The theme also has front-end vc disabled)

Regards and thanks once again!