Dive into the mind of the customer

If you’re interested in getting into what makes Elements Customers tick, you won’t want to miss this look into the secrets of customers :wink:


Thanks! More of this please! It would be nice to add some statistics and Infographics to support the analysis. And maybe lock the article for Elements Authors only, to give us a more exclusive feeling :sunglasses:


This is very useful article - specially for new Authors. In my case… it took me 2 years to understand that 80% of my buyers are - DESIGNERS, not company owners but actually designers. Today this info is the core of this article - so this is very useful info → I would call this “shortcut” for new authors.


That’s great insight, thanks @PeakStar! I wonder how many other Authors have had the same experience. Did shifting your understanding of who your Authors are impact how you think about creating new items?


Thank you for the topic.

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First of all, I know that I don’t have to create a multi-page Help file with a photoshop tutorial.

I used to put myself in the role of a client when assessing my project - now I put myself more in the role of a graphic designer who is looking for a shortcut in his work, i.e. something that is nice but also allows quick and painless modification by up to 180 degrees.

In other words, it used to be projects for clients → today these are tools and materials for graphic designers :slight_smile: (but still friendly to everyone).

Knowing that most clients are professionals, I am aware that I have to do something really worth buying - as a graphic designer, I am impressed by extensive and complicated processes reduced to one action - in other words - for a graphic designer a real value is time saving.

Anyone who sees a graphical process lasting many hours (which he is able to easily do himself) reduced to the level of one action that will perform this process in 30 seconds is willing to buy it (me included - I mainly buy shares, files with smart objects, etc., i.e. things that I can do it myself but someone just did it for me and “packed” several hours of work into one action)