Disappointed with how now credit/earnings system works

As an author here, I also used to buy various items (100+ at this moment) using directly my author earnings. So you can call me a customer too.

Today I wanted to buy a 6$ HTML signature (I know, today I only want this one and 6$ is not much) and to my surprise, I can’t buy it directly from my author earnings.

It seems I first have to deposit minimum 20$ as credit from my author earnings to be able to buy something.

So now, the author earnings and the credit are separated. Different things.

This is very disappointing and I doubt I will buy anything from now on.

Too bad. I am sure many authors were buying items for their projects, I have doubts this earnings/credits system is good.

And I have not seen an official announcement about this, is there one?

LATER EDIT: Stupid me, I just saw the checkbox "Add $x from my earnings to credit for this purchase. " Topic can be closed, I apologies for this.