Dimensions of book MUST be listed in mockup description

I use Envato Elements exclusively for book mockup graphics. Why are there no dimensions listed for the size or proportions of the book in the mockup? As a user, it is wildly frustrating to have to download 7-10 mockup templates to try and find a correct size, when it would be very easy to list trim size or ratio in the text.

Occasionally the size will be part of the product title (A5 book) but most do not have any information as to the size of the mockup area. This should be a requirement.

As a photographer who does book mock up images, I’ve never had that question raised before. I always just assumed people trimmed the cover image to fit the book in a mock up. I will keep it in mind and try to include dimensions in my descriptions in the future.


Thank you so much for your consideration! Yes to scaling proportionally, but a ‘no’ to cropping the cover artwork. If the ratio is different, the alignment, text, and images would all be disproportionate to the original design or possibly cut off. The cover would need to be redesigned for the mockup.

For example, a standard US trim size for a book of 6x9" does not scale proportionally down to another common size 5.5x8.5" or up to a 7x10" or 8.5x11"–but does scale to be a folio size (9x12"). Likewise most European A or B sizes do not scale to fit US sizes, etc.

Good to know! One problem I run into here is that sometimes Envato will accept a photo with just a blank book cover. Like this one: Book cover mock up, stack of books in neutral earth tones of gray and red, Photos - Envato Elements

But other times they will reject it and I will have to resubmit with a white area for them to accept it. Like this one: Book cover mock up in neutral earth tones, Photos - Envato Elements

I’ve always just eyeballed the white area for the front of that particular book. Do you know of a place to find a lists of sizes publishers use? Or should I just measure the book cover and list it in the description?

First of all - I love the photo in the first link and have seen it before hope to use it for an upcoming promotion! However, I don’t know that it would be what Envato Elements considers a ‘graphic mockup’ as those typically are layered PDF files with smart objects that a user can place their flat artwork on and voila, it becomes the cover for the book, like this one: Dust Jacket Book Mockup, Graphic Templates - Envato Elements

Having the ‘white’ is an indicator that the user can place their artwork easily on top of the background without any graphics from the book showing through (except the shape). Typically the smart object layer (for the cover artwork) overlays a book image with a ‘multiply’ or ‘pass through’ blending mode–so it has to be white. I wouldn’t be able to use the image in the second link, because the white box doesn’t include the hinge and spine or show any of the book shape. To use the first image, I would need to do a lot of PS work to get it to where I could pop in the cover artwork, but it’s not impossible and worth it for such a nice cosy setting.

The measurement is important if the smart object is not the same size as the cover artwork, because then it wont map right on the book. But typically just measuring the trim size is perfect. If you google ‘US book trim sizes’ it will give you a few that are typical, but mostly 5x7, 5.5x8.5, 6x9, 7x10, 8x5x11, and for children’s books 7.5x12 and 10x10 (US dimensions in inches).

Thank you for the information!

A little background, I started my stock photography “career” on Twenty20. It only accepted photographs and didn’t have any graphic options. I love to read and did some book photos just for the fun of it. I noticed they sold well on Twenty20, especially the ones with the blank book being the focal point. Envato bought Twenty20 and eventually closed it down and moved some of the photographers here. Envato’s review process is very different than Twenty20’s was. That is when I started having to add the white space to get images accepted. So a lot of what you are explaining is totally new information for me. Thank you for taking the time!

My most popular book cover photo is definitely this one: Blank book cover for mock up with coffee, plant & reading glasses. Insert for book club, new release, Photos - Envato Elements
Is it because it is a light colored book? Or do you think it is the size?

I’ve found several of my images being used without the book covers being altered. That’s why I prefer to not add the white space. With it, it can only be used for mock up. Without it, the image can be used as-is or altered.

Thanks again for all the help!

Thank you for the history–I had no idea!

From what I can tell, the book sizes are the same ratio that of 6x9". The image that sells well is likely that it is clean, more modern, and not too specific. It can also easily be used as a graphic mockup because of the light background.

Here is your other image with a clipping mask + adjustment layer of hue/saturation. I dropped out all of the saturation and lightened it to +70. See how there are still shadows on the hinge? I can now make a smart object layer at 6x9", transformed to fit over the surface of the top book (rotate + warp + mask), with multiply as the blending mode. Then users would open the PSD file, double click the smart object and put their artwork in and save. Their artwork now appears in the image as the book cover and it looks more real as the shadow for the hinge shows through. Typically graphic mockups benefit from a layer that adds a little directional light and shadow to help the cover artwork not look as flat.

Hope that helps with the process! No need to put on a white ‘box’ as like you said, that isnt useful as a stand-alone image or as a mockup.


Thank you for this valuable information!!! I greatly appreciate it!