Designers, please specify A4 or US paper sizes for mockup projects


Designers, for mockups of print projects such as stationary, brochures, business cards, etc. that are located on Graphics River, please add the following items to your descriptions for these type of projects:

  1. whether it is for A4 or US paper sizes
  2. whether or not the mockup uses smart objects

These two bits of information are really important to buyers and should be listed in the description of every mockup, yet so many mockups do not provide information for either of these areas.

Also, there seem to be many more mockups for A4 paper sizes than for US paper sizes. Perhaps a designer can step up the plate and put together some brochure, business card, and stationary mockups for US paper sizes for these items. Would be fantastic for US customers looking to buy mockups for portfolio and client project presentation. Maybe Envato can put a bounty on it.


hi, i personally understand well what u are trying to explain but let’s face it this is not us that u should address but envato as regard to the fact that we cannot indicate other than print dimensions in inches which makes no real sense unless we only address some english speaking countries and the fact that we are now that very limited with these SEO boring things that are a real pain and make us sell nothing at all, sad to see that any addition is an additional struggling for authors and that this is also impacting buyers too …


Thanks for the great response n2n44. I had no idea it was so problematic of Envato. Maybe they are listening. If so, Envato, please allow designers who create mockups the ability to list the paper size their mockups are for. I accidentally purchased two A4 sizes when I needed US sizes, so naturally my designs did not fit the mockup. It was my fault for assuming but then I noticed on most mockups this information is nowhere to be found.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply n2n44. I appreciate.


hi , indeed i was talking generically for all designs , for mockups i do not really know but i guess that apart from the description u cannot either , i think that sometimes some marketplaces would need sone additional categories and subdivisions of a category and that maybe it would help either the author into being found more easily and the buyer to find more easily what they are looking for sometimes …


sounds legit, i do that to all my mockups in the description.
i think there is no need for envato to add this option, the author himself could just specify the size.


i think that in this case all guys do … the problem is not about this but rather about finding items per size for buyers, which is a different story indeed


I though it would be simple to specify the paper size right in the JPG image that shows off. Maybe a little corner graphic that states “A4 paper sizes!” or something like. I’m only buy items from Envato so I don’t know what options are available at time of upload. Seems like there is a very clear area for a description (change log?) that could be used to describe such a thing. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Glad to see an active community on here.


well it depends on where u are considering as for what u are saying , yes u are this is , however , i personally see a lot of items for most of them this is already done …