Difference between template and theme?


Regarding this template:

I want to buy this template but am wondering what I am getting if I buy it? Will I receive a folder of files that I can upload to my server and have it look like: http://takethemes.com/startup-landingpage/index7.html ?

I have dealt with themes before but not sure how templates are different. What will I receive and what do I have to do in order to get a page like this after buying the template?

thanks alot,


A theme is used with a CMS, such as WordPress. A template is just a list of static HTML files, as you’ve stated above. So your assumption is correct: you will get a download of a bunch of .html files, .css files, .js files etc. that you can edit. Typically, the images used in the demo are not provided in the download: you will have to source them yourself and placeholder images are used in the download file.