Did you receive elements payment

Did you receive elements payment on payoneer ?

I think it’s a little bit soon, still, assuming Payoneer takes extra few days to process the payment but which country?

Usually I get it on the next day after receiving the email… ar around 10:30, got the market payment yesterday… Sri lanka

Give one or two more days.

Any one else experiencing the same ?

Yes no payment from elements to payoneer yet.

Yes still didnt get the payment… is everything ok ?

Ask @BenLeong, he must know what’s happenings on envato elements payments. I’ve got email that clearly mentioned that

"You should receive your payment on Wednesday, April 17, 2024*

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Yes me too got the email clearly saying that we would get money today @BenLeong please help us on this matter

I didnt get the payment

The delay is probably on Payoneer side, not on Envato. Contact Payoneer first.

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Is everyone experiencing the same issue? Did anyone else get the payment

I got the market payment yesterday and it should be the elements payment now but still didnt receive

Payoneer says the payment is under review

No such emails… but their chat support says the payment is topped for review

Got it