Developer wanted/code source for developing onlibrowser game like - KHAN WARS, Forge of empires, etc

Hello developers,
my name is Georgi and i am looking for collaborator or software developer that can assist/sell his project or at least help me find suitable code source for developing online browser game like Khan wars, Forge of empires, etc.
These games are quite popular in my country - Bulgaria and are booming with in-game purchasing and strong audience.
The game is supposed to be browser oriented, online, with building medieval cities and competing with other players.
I am developer of apps and websites in my local region and i believe this project will be successful.
If you know where i can find help regarding this development, please share.
Thank you in advance.

There’re some WordPress/CMS themes already. You should consider to check ThemeForest instead

i was looking very deeply in the forum and the entire market. Most if not all of the themes are gaming news and showcase software. There is not a project like working browser game, or at least i haven’t found one yet.