Desperately looking for suitable News + Database/Archive/Wiki Themes


Hi all,

I am desperately looking for a suitable theme that allows me to create a news website with a database (archive) functionality. I’d like to create nice profile pages, think of BBC style ‘‘profile pages’’ of important people, organisations, political parties. But the website should also function as a database.


  • It doesn’t have to be ONE theme. You can recommend different themes for different purposes. For example one for the news section, one for the profiles section, one for a database section, etc.

I know wiki software exists, which I could use for the database section, but I’d rather not. I want the database to be a bit more ‘attractive’ and customisable.

A good example of a great database website with lots of information and a great infrastructure is: (or Of course IMDB is a bit too advanced, but I expect that something like could be achieved with WordPress? (Just for the record; I am not looking for exact copies, just recommendations that could achieve something similar :smiley: ).

Or, would you in this case recommend a custom website? (Let a theme be developed?)

I appreciate your time and assistance! :slight_smile: