Daily inventory management for food delivery in WooCommerce




this feature seems to be nothing special, but I didn´t find any suitable plugin for woocommerce till now. I hope, somebody can help me out!

I want to manage inventories in woocommerce on a daily base, because at a food delivery you are working with daily inventories on products. So the inventory should be filled again with the maximum product daily. Also this inventory management should be able to manage pre-orders and therefore calculate the daily base with the pre-orders given.

Also it should be possible to set the daily inventory per product. The orders within the opening hours only should count in the inventory per day. When the order is processed out of any opening hours the inventory should be counted in the inventory at the next opening day. It´s not really simple, but I´m wondering, why such a tool is still missing.

Please write me, if you´ve got any ideas!

Thanks in advance and regards,