Customize main menu - Which theme should I use?

Hi, I am kinda new to all this website building and everything that has to do with it, so on beforehand I am sorry, if I asked this question in the wrong place.

I have a question regarding a specific layout I am looking to have on my new website. I posting a link below to a gif of the layout and function I am looking to create.

I have created a couple of websites with Phlox Pro and Astra (used Elementor builder) and I would like to know if it is possible in those themes to create a menu just like the one I linked in the gif above and how that is done?

If it is not possible in Phlox Pro or Astra, do you have any suggestions which themes have this kind of main menu available? I would assume it can be done with java, html or CSS but I lack the knowlagde where this should be coded to edit the menu set up. It seems like every theme comes with a set of menu types and styles that cannot be edited much.

The function of the menu:

  1. By default the menu has only icons, like seen on the gif.
  2. Clicking on the burger makes the fields expand where the icons are. This reveals the title of the page.
  3. When clicking on the burger menu again, the titles disappear again, showing only the icons for the pages.

How do I create this?

I hope you can help me and I wish you all a happy new year :slight_smile:

If you are not comfortable with writing code then have a look through off canvas plugins on CodeCanyon which will almsot certainly offer a few alternatives

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