need help!

I recently purchased a theme and the author is unable to provide support on something that should not really be an issue, but it is!

The theme is as follows:

The theme is built on Elementor and has a hotdog menu in the main menu that replicates the actual main menu which is also visible. I asked how to remove it and support just told me how to edit it and explained it cannot be removed!! worst thing is, I believe this menu is there so that when in mobile display mode, this menu acts as the navigation (so I’m assuming removing it will remove the menu in mobile view!).

Here is the demo of what i am using:

Please can someone advise me as to how t o remove it in desktop mode, as having to menus on the header is like having two sets of handle bars on a bicycle and I cant go live for fear of this making the website look completely unprofessional.

Many Thanks,


I don’t even mind if i can keep the slide out menu, just be able to add a widget, so that i can add some other content in there instead.

We live in a finite world. I recon that a person of outstanding character who is good with elementor would know and want to say. If i was rich and the ability to extract money from me was a possibility, do you think i would be using a forum? I would likely be asking my paid development team (who of course i don’t have). Nice try, move on!

I’ve heard fiverr is a good place to sell your services.

Why not just hide it using css - it looks like when you do that then the main menu hamburgers on a mobile but separately

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You are litrally the best contributor on this website, thank you. I jusy need to get the css sorted i suppose. Off to fiverr! :rofl:

.main-header–funero-main .main-header__desk-hamburger .hamburger-inner {
display: none;


I think @charlie4282 has the solution but (forgive me charlie if I got this wrong) wouldn’t the OP need to add this to the CSS for responsive displays? So I’m only guessing (please don’t beat me) but something like:

/* When the browser is at least 600px and above */
@media screen and (min-width: 600px) {
  .element {
    /* Apply some styles */

Thanks for the help guys, I’m a little unsure as to what to do with there being two options!

Any guidance on this would be very much appreciated.

Start by going in wp-admin to appearance > customize > Additional CSS

Paste what we wrote above

See if that works and test it on a phone etc.

You may need to add the code from @123Simples too but try without first

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