Custom widgets are plugin territory

I check theme in Envato Theme Check and I got this warning
warnings: “Found register_widget (…) Custom widgets are plugin territory”

Please help me with how to solve it??

You have to move your theme Custom widgets into a plugin. So, when customer will install only theme then there will not be Custom widgets, but when customer install the plugin then customer will be able to add this Custom widgets.

Hope this will help. Thanks

thanks for reply,

but my home page design related to custom widget.
if user not active plugin then home page show blank.
any other way to solve this problem??

That is not a problem. That is the right way how it should work. Customer must activate the plugin if he want to have same layout like your demo.

you have to set a recommend plugins list for customer. So that they can install all necessary plugins before importing demo.

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I got it. thanks for your reply.

I have one more question if we create a plugin for a custom widget then plugin also sends in ThemeForest with theme??

Yes, you have to otherwise how reviewer will check and how your customer will get! Thanks

Ok, i got it.

But i was make autoinstall for theme using TGMPA Plugin. so, i will put plugin on my server and provide full path in TGMPA Plugin list. so user install theme at time plugin automatically downloaded.

so, why we added plugin??