Soft Rejected! We Need Help Some issues pls.

    Please include third party or premium plugins in the download or install via TGM PA as pre-packaged. Eg: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider etc.

    Make sure all the WP default widgets display properly in all widgetized areas. You can check with monster widgets plugin.

  3. Scripts and styles should not be hardcoded anywhere in your theme or added any other way but with wp_enqueue_* hook and to be added from the functions file. This includes custom JS/CSS.
    For inline styles use: and for scripts

You got very good instructions:

  1. use TGMPA plugin to install all plugins , user after install Your theme will be asked to install required plugins
  2. All default WP widgets must display properly - this is very clear - by installing monster widget plugin You will see “bugs” in Your widgets as this plugin add all widgets to Your widgets area and put for example very long text which should be break to new line.
  3. You can’t include < script >< /scrip t> or stylesheeats in any widgets or php file - all .js / .css must be enqueue in function.php by wp_enqueue_ hook.
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