Custom CSS/JS Not Working

I use the custom JS below to build dynamic pages on my website so that various membership levels can see an extra button or section of a page on my wordpress site (that is hidden from all the others). After a recent update, I haven’t been able to successfully use this anymore. When I enter the custom CSS in a particular page it just hides the section/button, etc. completely. Does the custom CSS and JS look right to you? Trying to nail down where the problem is happening. Thanks!

The CSS page refers to the JS:

/* Default all member specific blocks to hidden (will be processed by js) */
display: none !important;

JS Function

jQuery(function(){ // Custom element removal based on logged-in user memberships (’.has-6365 .members-visible-6365, .has-all .members-visible-6365’).removeClass(‘members-visible-6365’);
('.has-3324 .members-visible-3324, .has-all .members-visible-3324').removeClass('members-visible-3324'); (’.has-5122 .members-visible-5122, .has-all .members-visible-5122’).removeClass(‘members-visible-5122’);
('.has-11170 .members-visible-11170, .has-all .members-visible-11170').removeClass('members-visible-11170'); (’.has-26511 .members-visible-26511, .has-all .members-visible-26511’).removeClass(‘members-visible-26511’);

$('.members-visible-6365, .members-visible-3324, .members-visible-5122, .members-visible-11170, .members-visible-26511').remove();