CSS for avoiding my slider to crop

The theme Objective by Edge Themes I’m using has a front page slider which crops once I change the screen size. Which means that on a mobile device the photo has different dimension than on a horizontal screen. It crops the image, where I want to keep the aspect ratio and just see it sized down.

I’ve tried to change it by adding the following code to the Additional CSS

.edgtf-psfs-image {
background-size: contain;

But it doesn’t change anything.

I’ve also tried the additional code to give the slider round edges, and that works fine. So I got the right class selected.

The blog I need help with is: behindthedykes.com

Best option is to ask the author

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I did ask the author, but they just said “Such an option, unfortunately, does not exist within the theme. Achieving this would require changes in template files, which is not included in item support, sorry about that”
I can’t believe it isn’t something that can be changed with CSS, but when it can’t, there should be a simple thing in the code there can be changed to change the cropping of the image to fixed ratio.
It can’t be that difficult if you know where to look. When I had a different theme in the past, it was always solved very quick and easy by telling me what code to change or to add.
But they tell me I need payed services for that which start at $2000 for the cheapest. That’s way out of my budget for such a small thing.

So that’s why I hope someone with more CSS or coding knowledge can help me here.

You probably notice this more when you rotate the device yes?

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If you look at your coding, then the DIV you changed is inside another DIV which needs to be referenced in CSS

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Depending on why this is not straight forward (they are a very reputable author who I am sure would give you the code if very simple) then CSS may not be the only challenge.

You could try a more general freelancer like @ki-themes who might be able to look at it for less cost


But for £1500 I’ll sort you out :wink: which seems like a bargain LOL

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From what I understand, depending the importance of the details, at some point, theme may need to be modified but it shouldn’t cost that much. You can contact me if you’re in need of customization. We need to clarify few things first then I can send an offer

PS: If what you need to change the background-size, you can try as below, it should fix your problem:

.edgtf-psfs-image {
background-size: contain!important;

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You’re magnificent! That did the trick :heart:

I’ll check on the website, to see if there are more things now that might need change after this. but all seems to look and work fine.
I’m going to have a busy month on personal stuff, but I’ll know where to find you if I need it later on. Thanks!

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Excellent news @mrroy44 and well done @ki-themes for your brilliant solution.

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