Help with Throne-Minimal Theme and cropped images

Hi to all,

First of all I wanted to thank you to all that would try to help me.
I am a user of the theme Throne - Minimal WordPress Theme by KubiStudio | ThemeForest which I purchased years ago.

I use it in my site as a portfolio for my own studio.
It all went fine, until I purchased a support from the creator of the theme to solve some problems I had with the showing of the home page. They updated theme and that issue seemed to get solved, but in some way they messed up the projects visualization that before was all right.

After that, the creator never give more support, so here I am trying to find someone who can help me.

The issue is the following:
In my media library images uploaded have variated images ratio, some of them are horizontal and other are vertical. Predominantly they are 3:2 ratio but there are some in other formats.
Anyways, the thing now is that in my projects, images are all them showing cropped at 16:9 horizontal. I cannot find what is doing this adjustment, and I would like to fix it, as now, some of the vertical pictures look dumbly cropped.

Here is a project page where it happens:

I have tried to copy the original files (css, php, etc…) of the theme to my server, but it didn’t solved anything.

Does anyone have a clue of where can be this controlled?
Thanks in advance!

The theme author is responsible to provide the item support, in case of no support from them, there’s not much we can offer as it’s a job description rather than help.

Although, if you’re looking for freelancer/paid support, I’m available. You can contact me through this form to discuss the details

Some references:

Hi Ki-themes
Paying for help is not out of my mind. I’ll fill the form.

There can be any theme settings for doing this ratio.

I think at first you should ask technical support from the theme author.

How to contact an author to get support for any Item issue or for any technical query:


Think you missed the point:

good catch!
But still customer have option to ask any technical query to the Author of the item.


Firefox desktop no issues - cannot see what you even mean.

I already did ask for support to the Author. They didn’t even answer back.

Have you a active (not expired) support period? If support not expired then author should reply for any technical query. But customization is not covered by envato support policy.

I purchased support, and I waited for more than a month for the Author answer.
After i asked for help at envato crew, they offered me support cash back as they couldn’t contact the author too.
It was no customization, as it was a feature that the theme had, that become wrong after their first support action.
I think I explained it in my first post.

I appreciate interest on it but I swear i tried to receive help from the Author and they didn’t want to give it.

In this case I think better you ask refund for extended support and hire a freelancer to do the job for you.

That is exactly what I am doing.

Finally hired @ki-themes services and he helped me to solve it all.
Thank you !

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You’re welcome. It was nice to work with you.

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Excellent news that @ki-themes was able to help you and resolve these issues - have a nice weekend :slight_smile: