Cross-origin font blocked on Firefox

Goodmorning australian devs (and goodnight to others)

could you please fix this little issue affecting Envato marketplaces since Thursday?

This font comes from

and is blocked by Firefox. This corrupts icons and browser window never stop loading.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Am I the only one experiencing this?

I had this issue on Chrome but it went away. I can no longer find it on FireFox, either.
This suggests that it has been fixed and maybe your browser cached the request when it didn’t have proper cross-origin headers.

Try clearing cache?

Yes with ctrl + f5 but since no one faced this issue I checked deeper with a proper browser cleaning.

First refresh after cleaning is ok, then issue comes again.

And happens only on Firefox since it has stricter cross-origin policies

How very interesting. I didn’t know web fonts had cross-domain restrictions in Firefox.

I was doing some reading and it seems Chrome might be going that way too.

I know it after have solved a couple of support cases :slight_smile:

Anyway today seems ok