Critical error message HELP

Within the last two days, two of my websites has disappeared. the following message appears There has been a critical error on your website.
Learn more about debugging in WordPress.
Nothing has changed, emails still coming in.
Could someone please point me in the right direction as I have several other sites, all using ThemeForest Avada and don’t dare check them. Will talk to hosting company but my account manager isn’t there till late today on her shift!

Please get in touch with your hosting / support team and ask them to have it rectified. If they still didn’t fixed up for you then i can help you at. Ping me via email

thanks - I have gone in tonight and reloaded wordpress and it has come back to life just a few minutes ago.

Really appreciate your reply - was about to put the solution on the forum.

can your browser firewall block the links of your sites? try to change devices and go to your website

Thanks - will check that - have several sites with theme forest - love the connection and the way it works. Just panicked as first issue in nearly three years! Appreciate all the help…thank you very much

most welcome :+1:

have a great day