BeTheme "There has been a critical error on your website"

All of a sudden I’m receiving an error on my website.

There has been a critical error on your website.
Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

It was taking forever just to log into my wordpress so I joined a chat with my hosting company and they went through the logs and determined that line 15 of my BeTheme header.php wasn’t correct.
What I don’t understand is that this is the exact same file that has been there for years. I downloaded the header.php file and did a side-by-side in notepad++ with the latest header.php file from a fresh download of BeTheme just today and they’re identical.

I’m not a website developer, so please be gentle. I learn quickly but I don’t know what to do here.

Try these steps :

  1. Download the theme again from themeforest downloads page

  2. Copy the header file from newly downloaded and replace the file in your live site.

If it’s still not solved better you can contact the author of theme.

Edit : if you upload screenshot of error maybe someone in forum can help you.

Thank you for this info, this is exactly what I did and it didn’t change anything.
I looked at the newest header.php and compared it to the published header.php and they’re line-for-line identical.

I’ll try to contact muffingroup.
Thank you.

Any other advice, please pass it along to me, I’m all ears!

I am not sure but it can be php competibility issues for any plugins. Hope your hosting running on Latest version php 7.3.x or greater.

After spending some time with my hosting company via chat, we’ve determined that there is an issue with the theme “BeTheme” from muffingroup that I’ve been using for like 5 years.
I had them update my php to 7.2.26 but they said that the theme is not compatible with higher versions and regardless of the php update, the website is still broken.

HOWEVER, we discovered that if I enable a different theme, it resolves - just incorrect formatting like you’d expect.

better to contact muffingroup and let them know. they will help you to fix the issues. Thanks

Posting my own solution. I’m pretty proud because website development is not my thing and I fumbled my way through to success.

I discovered that the theme that I had built and published 5 years ago had never auto-updated. It was supposed to but something had been turned off in WP - surely something that I had done.

I downloaded another fresh copy of BeTheme, went into my host control panel’s file manager and renamed the original BeTheme folder “BeTheme - ORIGINAL” and then went into WP and uploaded the newest .zip. Done and everything works like normal.

Thank you guys for the suggestions, I do appreciate your time.
This topic is now resolved.