Creating Topics

Why can I create topics only in the subcategory and not in the main category (because my post will also appear there or not)?

Hi @ringuring1, where are you trying to create topics? Is it in your website? Please tell us more. Thanks

I have three categories in total: Envato Announcement, Envato Authors, Envato Customers. When I select a category, I cannot create a topic, but if I only select a subcategory, I can create a topic. I wanted to know the reason why? because my topic appears in the main category but I can’t create a topic…

In forum we have 3 parent categories: Envato Announcement, Envato Authors, Envato Customers. An under each parent Category has some subcategories. each topics will go under any of those subcategories. So, topics will show under those subcategories and by default will be under the parent category.

For example: your created 2 topics is listed under the Tuts+ Courses and Tutorials subcategories which belongs to the parent category Envato Customers.

But why can’t I create it directly from the category since it is allowed in its subcategory

You’ll need to choose a subcategory. It helps us keep the forums organized. Your topic will still appear in the parent category, just like this topic did.

Parent Category is just to specify your topics are related/belongs to a Customer or an Author. Or the topics from Envato Announcements. And subcategory define what type of the topic is. So, when you will create a topic you have to select subcategory related to your topic’s context. It will help community to search any topic which already discussed here in Forum and can get help/knowledge/guideline from there.

I understand the idea of ‘work organization’ and it’s very good, but why can’t I choose the subcategory while creating the Topic.

Tuts+ Courses and Tutorials is a subcategory and your item is under the subcategory. are you sure you can’t choose subcategory. Can you share a screenshot?

I mean: Envato Customers → Create Topic and then pick Subcategory

when you will create topic then you will get options to choose Subcategory like this screenshot:

Very nice, but why don’t I have this option again after I visit a category like: Envato Customers

Can you share a screenshot?

Thanks! understand your concern (disabled New Topic button). Please share a screenshot from any Subcategory page.

As we mentioned above you have to choose a subcategory and that’s why New topic buttin is disabled in parent category page and you have to choose a Subcategory and there you will get active button.

I respect your work but I just saw that none of the subcategories were private because I could post in any of them and I just thought there was some special rule for that and that’s why I asked…Thank you

Thank you! The 3 parent categories: Envato Announcement, Envato Authors, Envato Customers and all Subcategories belongs to those 3 parent categories are public in Forum. And there is no special rules to post in those Subcategories, just have to maintain Community Guidelines. Regards