Create a Video Tutorial and win $3,500-worth of Prizes!

Here’s my video - good luck and good job everyone!

Item used in the video:

Hey Scott, is there any chance to extend the deadline?


First of all really glad you brought this contest up. Thank you. My entry is about photoshop retouching using photodune stock images. Enjoy.

Envato item used

Ps: How can I now that i’m succesfully entered the competition? Thank you.

##We’ve reached our deadline!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our video tutorial contest! Our judges will be watching all the entries with a big bag of Envato popcorn and we’ll be back no later than March 10, 2017 with all the results!

###Good luck to everyone who entered!

Stay tuned for more events and opportunities like this in the near future.
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I ran out of time and was slightly put off by the sheer quality of the entries. Some impressive stuff here, so I’m sure there will be some very worthy winners!


Hey it seems like this is the grand day of announcing winners! Looking forward to the results

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Yeah i’m waiting too. Excited to see the results :))

@scottwills any updates for us?

Hi…all I am waiting to see the result…


#Announcing the Winners!

###A big thank you for all of the impressive, high-quality submissions that have been pouring into this forum thread over the course of the last few months. It’s been an absolute pleasure for the Affiliate Team reviewing each and every one of your informative videos. Although it was very hard to determine all the winners, we can now reveal the winning entries!

#The Podium
The podium prizes are reserved for the videos of the very highest quality!

:star: Great work everyone! The Affiliates Team greatly admired your editing techniques, visual comprehension and teaching skills. As with Envato tradition, we will be rewarding you all with an Envato Contest Badge of your very own. Wear it proudly!

#$250 Category Prizes

Industry-specific videos are in high demand, and the YouTube side of the internet is an ever-growing source of knowledge. Hopefully, these high quality tutorials will be educating minds for years to come!

#$500 Bonus Prize
We also offered a bonus prize for the video that showcased the best end-product created with an Envato item. The video that impressed us most of all was…

#$100 Additional / Surprise Bonus Prize

We would like to also take the time to acknowledge the great work done by manojrouth with his video on how to utilize Envato Market as a product. Great initiative! You showcased our site very well, and we thank you for going above and beyond with your work!

:moneybag: All prizes will be paid within the next 2 weeks, badges will be awarded by the end of the day!

###That’s a wrap, folks!

We hope you enjoyed creating these insightful and impressive videos just as much as we (and potential learners) enjoyed watching them. We have a saying here at Envato where we help people to learn and earn. Today, you helped us do just that. And after all, aren’t shared efforts like this exactly what a community is all about? :slight_smile:

:wave: Drop-by and say hi to the Affiliates Team in our forums


Congratulations to all winners

@scottwills Can i recieve some personal feedback on my video tutorial?

p.s. Congrats to all winners.

Hi @PolygraphMusic! A couple of people have asked me this today actually. Unfortunately, as a general rule we do not offer feedback for contest entries - “all results are final”.

I would encourage you however to post/share your video in the Affiliates section in our forums with some specific questions you would like to ask if you are looking to optimize your video(s) for affiliate purposes and perhaps either the community or the Affiliates Team will be able to help with your specific questions.

ok. let it be.

Congratulations winners!

Congrats all for winner prize video :slight_smile:

Thank you so much and congratulations for all winners!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you very much Envato!

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

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