CoralixThemes GYM - Sport WordPress Theme unable to update "Styles pages configuration zone" to "no-style"

Good day,

I’ve been using CoralixThemes for a while and have been updating my wordpress site recently.

While doing this I changed the "Styles pages configuration zone"​ from “no-style” to the Home Option (Appearance \ Theme Otions - GYM \ General), but wasn’t happy with the changes. When I changed it back to “no-style”, the theme did not update and I am now stuck with every Option except “no-style” which I desperately need.

I have deleted the page and created a new one, but for some reason it defaults to the Home option even though I had it set to “no-style” before I deleted it.

I think there is possibly a coding with the “no-style” template which is preventing it from being applied, or there is a database problem preventing it from being updated. Either way I am unable to move forward with this.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

Hello @markdegouveia

While we, on these general forums, can assume what could cause this issue, I’d suggest asking directly the theme author, because he knows better what the problem could be :slight_smile:

You can ask the theme author for support here, opening a ticket on his support website:

Hoping it helps a bit,
All the best!

Thank you for your quick response Hevada,

I have tried to raise a ticket with them, but my license key has expired and try as I might, I am unable to find a place to get it renewed for support. A lot of the CoraliXThemes site doesn’t appear to work and my fear is that they have shutdown operations as of early 2017 (no more posts on their Facebook and Twitter feeds since then and their support forums returns a 404 error page). As this plugin is still for sale on Envato, I was hopeful that there was some form of support somehow, but it appears as if this is not the case.

Would you have any other suggestions that I might be able to pursue? I’m pretty sure this is a bug in the theme which is challenging to resolve without the authors engagement, but I also feel that this is not a customisation or design assisted query, and that they should be responsible for fixing their theme that they provided with bugs.

I don’t wish for this to be your problem and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks