Copyright claim on YouTube by Adrev from AlexUnderTheSky - Retrowave Commercial

I downloaded a sound track from envato elements from: @AlexUnderTheSky

Now the music is getting a content ID claim on Youtube from Adrev via AlexUnderTheSky

Can you please clear this claim and whitelist my channel @AlexUnderTheSky?

Youtube channel - Captain RoBear - YouTube

Video in question - Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis | Episode 17 | REPO | Captain RoBear D&D Actual Play

Item Title: Retrowave Commercial
Item URL: Retrowave Commercial, Royalty Free Music Track - Envato Elements
Item ID: EU744RV
Author Username: AlexUnderTheSky
Licensee: Robert Foeste
Registered Project Name: Cyberpunk D&D
License Date: November 27th, 2020
Item License Code: 7XQ6J43WZR

Thank You!

Hello. I sent request to release the claim. Thank you.

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Thank you! Can you also have them whitelist my channel so that we don’t have to keep filing these claims on both YT and here?

Whitelisting is not really a thing. For it to work there can be no other copyrighted elements belonging to other authors. And if, for any reason the whitelisted status is revoked, then you’ll get copyright claims on all previous videos.

It’s always a safer bet to clear claims on the video level, rather that whitelist a whole channel.


Hi @AlexUnderTheSky, I’m having the same issue. This video is quite time sensitive but the claim ended up causing a few days delay already. Please check for disputes on your Supernatural track. Thanks in advance! :blush:

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Hi @AlexUnderTheSky please check my message. Thanks! :blush: