Copy to Clipboard Plugin


I’d love it if someone could create a plugin where HTML code can be copied to the clipboard (for an example, kind of like Rafflecopter does). Basically, a text area with the code in it and a button beneath it that says “Copy to Clipboard.” When the button is clicked, whatever HTML code is in the text box is auto-copied to the clipboard.



I was looking for a Wordpress plugin. Can a jQuery plugin be used on WP? I’m clueless about it, lol. :slight_smile:


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Yeah, I meant your email address. Thanks!


Ok, I just emailed you, Shane.


Have a look:



I tried the wp-clippy before, it messed up the HTML and didn’t function properly. The jquery version didn’t work either, but I’ll try it again. Thanks!

Still hoping someone will develop a plugin that works with HTML though, that’s be lovely!


There you go :slight_smile:

This is the only cross browser solution since it uses flash to copy the data to the clipboard.

It is not a WP plugin, but you could actually just use the javascript code directly in a page.