Click to Copy then Redirect to Site

I am looking for the creation of a lightweight plugin that basically gives me the functionality of some coupon code site’s button.

What I want it to be able to do is create a button that, when clicked, copies the coupon code (the button changes to say “Copied”) then opens a new window that takes the person to the website where the coupon code can be used.

I want the button to look just like other buttons on my site (so picks up that styling). I need to be able to change the coupon code that is copied, the text on the button, and the website URL. It also needs to be able to have multiples of the button on the same page that each do their own thing (with different codes and different websites). And I need to be able to place each button wherever I want (so maybe a short code).

I have a button almost exactly like what I want in action here (but it’s a bit of a pain to do so hoping this plugin will make it easier and faster to update and such):

What I did was copy-pasting what I found online and, while it works, it’s a pain to update/change, so hoping someone can create a WORDPRESS plugin that creates these buttons for me. I don’t know enough about JS/CSS/HTML to do it myself.