Considering an Author Username Change



I’ve found a few threads already discussing how to change an account username, we’re all clear on that.

What concerns us most about changing a username, is how it may affect our sales?

Theoretically, our item URLs will remain the same and have no reference to the account username.

We’re aware our past buyers, who identify us by Denoizzed, would have a harder time finding us.

Though we would like to use a username that will better identify us for who we are and what we do.

Will changing the username affect us in any other ways? Will it affect organic searches or etc?

Looking for some opinions on this as we do already have a reputable history, but want a name change.

Thanks in advance for any insight on this.

Kind regards,
Bryce Wisekal


Any chance anyone may be able to share some insight or their own experience on this?



Is there really no one out there with experience or feedback on this?

I see others have changed their names and we want to do the same.

This name does not reflect us the way we want it to and our only real concern is regarding item searches.

As mentioned originally, we understand the inconvenience of past buyers trying to find the original name.

The URL does not contain the username, so I don’t believe that should affect the item in any way.

So are there any other real drawbacks from updating a username on Themeforest?

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to shed some light on this question.


Hard to believe after almost 100 views and 3 days, still no feedback or opinions shared?

Guess we’re just going to find out the hard way I suppose.


So we’ve gone ahead and submitted our name change request.

We’ll updating this thread as we go forward with this and let others know a little from our own experience.

There’s very limited information on this regarding authors with an established account changing their names.

We’ve found a lot of old threads from the previous forums about it, but mostly these were buyer accounts.


Don’t worry about your customers, I’ve just figured out that if you change your username, the old one redirects you to the new one.
I changed my username from “osama_sayegh” to the current one, so the old URL redirects you to .
I think that most of buyers don’t remember the username of the guy they purchased from him as much as they remember the name of the item they purchased, so they could go to their download page and find the guy they’re looking for.
If one of your buyers searched for your old username, unfortunately he would get nothing, to avoid that you can add your old username to your items’ tags, by doing that, anyone who searches for your old username he will get every item you added to it that tag.
I hope that helps and you don’t lose any customer.


Hello @OsamaSayegh!

Thank you for your response! What an encouraging reply!

Don’t think I would have thought of adding the old username to the product. That is a great suggestion, thanks!

We did just submit our name request so we’ll see how it goes.

Knowing that the profile URL redirects is very comforting!


You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure to help you,
I was going to suggest creating a new account that has your old username and linking the new one to the current one, but I wasn’t sure if we can do that, so I typed my old profile URL to see what would happen, :flushed: I got surprised to see that it redirected me to my new profile URL!
That is how I figured it out.
Again you’re welcome :smile:


Hello again!

So the update was a heck of a lot faster than I imagined!

Was not prepared (should have gotten the new branding done already) but now we’re OWMLabs.

Unfortunately our other account name could not be merged into one (Denoizzed to OurWebMedia).

So we had to create a new username (when changing it) and we chose to use OWMLabs instead.

You’re absolutely right about the old account username redirecting to the new account username YAY!

Guess I’ve some work to get done now and best be contacting our designer for some help soon :wink: