Impressions from authors who have changed their usernames

I’m curious. You, the authors who have changed your usernames:
was there any impact on sales? On how people interact with you? Any advice?

To explain myself :slight_smile: In 2012, when I created my Envato account, I wasn’t so inspired… I had no idea that I will ever have more than 5 sales…In the meantime, I realized I want a more unique name, a more specific brand, so I created a new brand name, logo, etc…but I am a bit scared to make the step to the new brand… because people know me already with this username. I’m also used with this username :slight_smile: So I am desperately looking for any useful tips :slight_smile:


I just changed my username 5 days ago. Seem is impossible but my sales are completely stopped after this change. I not sure the username change is the problem, but is a very strange thing. My sales dropped down from 20-30$/days to 0-8$ and currently are not come back to normality.

If you change let me know if the sales changes.

I changed my name twice (as soon as I started selling) and around November last year and it had no effect whatsoever. The change was relatively seamless though as I already had my new branding up for a few months with my old username.

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I also changed my username, but no effect

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