Complete purchase with credits and Visa Credit card

Hi there… I have 60$ credits in my envato account and i want to purchase a theme which totall costs 88$…
Can i complete the purchase by adding money (28$) from my Visa credit card? or i have to create paypal or skrill to proceed the purchase?


Unfortunately it’s not possible to split payment methods or to add credits anymore

And now what?

I have to pay the whole ammount 88$ and leave envato cresits unspend ?

If you try to buy it with your card (DON’T actually purchase it) then it may apply the credits as a discount in the trolley which you preview before confirming

I couldn’t guarantee it and be careful not to purchase if you are trying it

the problem is that the system dont let me to add fund with visa… it acepts paypal and skril though

Did it… finaly there was not second step or a preview and I purchased item whti whole ammount from VISA… This was annoying…