color palette in AVADA

We are using the theme AVADA at https colon slashslash new2 dot buddhistglobalrelief dot org
I want to set our color palette. I have the hex for each color.
On the menu, I go to Avada, Theme Options. There i see "Predefined Color Scheme. When i roll over the color swatches, i see names like red, blue, etc. I want to change these. Is that possible? I thought i would use the EXPORt button and create a similar file but with my new hex numbers and then import that file. BUT it seems like it is only for a different wordpress installation. And when i read the export code it does not say things like ‘red’ or ‘blue,’ instead it says things like slideingbar_link_color_hover, logo_background_color. How do these tags relate to teh color thumbnails? How can i set our palette to what we want to have available and standardized for our site? Thanks for any help.
Mary Helen Fein