Codecanyon's new popular items page is terribly bad, especially on mobile!

The new popular items page looks terrible on Desktop, on my mac book pro, this is all i can see:

Which means pretty much nothing!

On mobile, sure:

Iphone 7:

Iphone XS:

They show absolutely nothing, nothing at all.

Envato, what are you doing, what type if process are you following which renders your sites unusable with any update you are doing ?

yes just checked and found the same as you discoverd. Hope Envato Development Team will solve it very soon. @KingDog

I’ve passed it on to our UX team :smiley:

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please I have checked and found this error both iPhone & Android. So I think it is for all small devices. Thanks @kingdog to take it developement attention

thanks for bringing this to our attention. just so I understand the issue, are you unable to scroll past the heading/navigation to the items when using an iPhone & Android? or is the issue that you want to see items higher up the page?

Ideally we’d like to actually see items straight away. Right now there’s so much space that even the first card is obscured. Doesn’t seem very user friendly. Why is everything so big and bloated? Why is there so much white space?

This is what it looks like on an iPhone 7 (750x1334) screen:


Unfortunately your item “Responsive Popular Files List” does not meet our commercial standards and has been hard rejected :stuck_out_tongue:

I think these cards need a new, compact, mobile-friendly design. They’re just too big for small screens. What do you think?

EDIT: I know this is CodeCanyon related, but the issues I’ve raised are universal across the marketplaces.

Hi @trent-aus currently in small devices navigation sorting and Item display are not user friendly. I think in small devices navigation sorting can come with different view as like dropdown. Other thing in small devices Items display top up the page can be a better solution. So that customer/visitor can see Items easily and can sorting in more user friendly way. Thank You

Why are you asking question for which you should have known the answer before pushing those changes live ?

8 days later and absolutely no change done to fix this issue.
Envato, where are you ?

You should know by now that it is rare for Envato to revert a change they have made to the system which they think is best for business, despite the fact that it attracts bad consumer review. You may just as well accept the changes.

15 days later and still, nothing.
@KingDog / @trent-aus - What’s going on with Envato, if it can’t handle so these small things, what should we expect ?
These are real issues, affecting sales, and we need a common sense fix… Does anyone still care ?

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Changes will come after much testing etc. to make sure it’s something that’s going to work. I can’t give a specific time line other than to say that we’re always going to be working on improving the sites.


I just wanted to follow up with this, what is the status now, one month later ?