CodeCanyon something strange going on in mobile category.

Hi there.

Just noticed something really weird happened in mobile category. When you open it says it is sort by newest items and added: any date. But on top at the moment is iOS X-Poker - Texas Hold’em item which is created 27 November 15 and last update was at 27 November 15. And all other items including created today are below it. Also this item is in the main codecanyon page in new/mobile category. So what is happening? is the update field broken or is it some kind of weird promo? I doubt that it is updated because if i would look into comments author is not responding to any buyers request.

My main concern here is that if the item is not updated and is puted there bus some weird promo it kinda steals sales from new items since it is the first thing buyers would see when they come into the category.

here are some screenshots:

maybe someone from Envato can comment on the situation?