[CodeCanyon] Your item, Tango - Bootstrap Responsive Pricing Table, has been rejected

Any expert please can you help me… why my item was rejected ?
URL: http://getcoolthemes.com/tango/

With respect some of the typography and spacing could be better but most of all - it lacks premium value - there are plenty of free pricing tables like this and those with more options avaliable online

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Thank you very much and i appreciate your valuable feedback.

Yes i accepts the typography and spacing should be better and have premium value.

https://codecanyon.net/item/elema-bootstrap-pricing-tables/21807882?s_rank=1 - This pricing table also not look like premium value and it looks like a free pricing tables avail on the online. If I am wrong please excuse.

  1. Link is down.
  2. When did you submit your item for review?


Its working - http://getcoolthemes.com/tango/
I was submitted last weekend (Friday) and got rejected on sunday.

It’s a fair point - I wouldn’t have approved that other one

Just need to give yourself the best chance by adding features, functionality and options

Yes Sure. Thanks and will follow your advice.

Strange! Your website is down for me.

I’m from India. Its working smooth.

Any update ?

No, its still unavailable for me. But with VPN i can access your site.

Hi, any suggestion for me ?

Maybe you can just instead of keep making same pricing tables over and over again and start someting unique.