item rejected codecanyon

Another hard reject by envato…now i m really angry and maybe i wont lo leave…Can someone tell me why mi item was rejected??..this is a demo of my site

I may be missing something but it looks like the same animation throughout and just different color tables?

To compete in such a niche space and to genuinely apply “premium value” (pretty sure I oculd find something like this for free somewhere), you need to offer more in terms of options, styling, animation etc.

Hi @ardit1992,

I think you could set some animations on them, and as @charlie4282, mentions, you only repeat them and apply different style colors.
Although this, i think it has a nice look :slight_smile:

It’s immediately difficult to get something this simple approved because of the challenge to demonstrate “premium” value that is worthy of someone want to pay for the item over doing it themselves or just using on if the many many free alternatives.

Looking at other recent pricing tables etc. on codecanyon - they are mostly adding to VC but those which are stand alone offer various layouts, different animations and so on making them considerably more versatile and flexible.