Codecanyon process

New to Envato and I have some cross platform (i.e. Desktop2Mobile) widgets/apps I would like to sell but I am quite confused on the process and how sales are even tracked/enabled/verified

I have a few questions if anyone can help answer them that is a spert.

  1. I understand the purchaser gets a unique sales code on each purchase, which is necessary for Envato/Codecanyon to track sales…but how can it be used for purchase verification by the developer. Especially recurring purchases like annual support licenses? Is there a way for me to autonomously submit that code back to the store for validation and product description?
  2. Am I correct to assume that CodeCanyon is an Envato company or is it a separate entity?
  3. When my code is sold to a customer, what information, specific to that sale, does CodeCanyon provide to me (if any) or do they simply report a weekly/monthly sales report to me? Further, will I get notification of a sale(s) instantly, daily, weekly or monthly?
  4. Likewise, for annual support sales, surely they must somehow provide me a list of specific customers who have purchased annual support, their customer ID and the date the support began (or ends). Otherwise how could I know who gets support and who doesn’t?
  5. Similarly for annual support sales, how does CodeCanyon track renewals and notify me when someone doesn’t renew?
  6. All of this seems fairly basic in order to operate a software distribution center/store but I can’t find any information about it or how that process works. Is there a link with these details I have yet to find?
  7. Is it correct that I don’t get to set my own pricing AND other than for a support license, recurring licensing is also not possible? Each sale is a one time / single site purchase (which would be really hard to track without some autonomous validation/verification system for anyone selling more than a few licenses)
  1. Envato has a API which can be used with a purchase code to verify if the purchase code is valid. It can return sufficient data like item name, buyer username, support active or expired etc.

  2. Yes it is Envato, just a sort of section for selling source codes of various types. Other sections like themeforest contain themes only.

  3. For each sale, an invoice is generated with buyer name (or company name), location and amounts etc. Weekly, monthly and yearly sale reports are also generated and accessible to author. Instant notifications are not provided, but some users have created apps/extensions that can do this for you.

  4. It can be checked via API.

  5. Again, no notifications but API results are updated instantaneously.

  6. You may find information in different articles in help section.

  7. Yes you cant’ set own prices, but author driven prices have been introduced in themeforest, and so they may come to CodeCanyon soon as well. Each sale is one-time license which doesn’t expire.

with respect to the verification API you mentioned, is there a link or documentation on how to access it? I assume since you called it an API then an application can interface to it autonomously so it is not (just) a form page which validates a purchase code?

In which case I simply need to see the specification for the API if you know where that is.

Here is the starting point of documentation regarding the API.