CMS joomla - please give me partnership profit information.

“I am the owner of an angry HTML template and the upload Joomla version of the template was uploaded by cmsbluheme”

cmsbluheme author URL :

profit 50-50 sharing Joomla version only.

Here’s the question:

Joomla version 2 sale,
template price is - $ 119 (1 sale price)

How much will my profit be? (my profit is 50%)

Anil z


Please check the following hope you will be able to calculate earning.
( ( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - TAX ) - Author fee = Author Earning (Profile Author Income from the Item)
Buyer fee for joomla template is $10.
Check your Author fee here:

US Tax Treaties:


Thanks for your help!

cmsbluheme author country is - Vietnam

no a list here:

you can ask your partner how much they pay. Thanks