Client Manager - CRM & Billing Management Web Application with GDPR Compliance

I bought this project and I paid already 51.0 usd. Why I didn’t get source code?

this is the transition that I paid to Client Manager - CRM & Billing Management Web Application with GDPR Compliance


please make a good solution for me, because I need it urgent

Hi @koykarona,

Please contact the author of your purchased Item and ask them about it, the theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:



what are working? I don’t understand. I bought this project and I didn’t get download section

If you already purchased Item then please login to your Envato market account then Please download the Item from your Dashboard => Download tab. To go to download page please refer this link (marketplace).net/downloads example for themeforest Downloads. There you will find all of your purchased Item list. You can download them from there.


(image removed)
I purchased item but I can not download

this is brother

I paid already but evato didn’t confirm me. so I can not download it. you can see the image that I send to you.

your screenshot is not about your download status.
Simply go to this page: Buy Plugins & Code from CodeCanyon
and download from there.

Hello @mgscoder,

According to @koykarona, @koykarona has purchased our item but do not have purchase code and also item is not visible in download section.

How as author we can help here.


If @koykarona purchased your item from envato market then the item must be placed in their download page. If for any reason the item not in download page then there can be reason and only envato support team can help in this. So, you should to give them a guideline where they can downlead (Download page URL) and if they reply that the item is not there then you should redirect them to envato support to open a Help ticket