Classima – Classified Ads WordPress - Editing Text

Hello, I want to edit the following text in Classima – Classified Ads WordPress Theme.

I can change the text for “Featured” and “Buy/Sell”.
But how do I change or delete the word “For”
I tried deleting it, didn’t work.
The only place I found the “For” text is here:

#: classified-listing/custom/list-items/archive-grid-1.php:25,
#: classified-listing/custom/list-items/archive-grid-2.php:22,
#: classified-listing/custom/list-items/archive-grid-4.php:24,
#: classified-listing/custom/list-items/archive-grid-6.php:22,
#: classified-listing/custom/list-items/archive-grid-8.php:27,
#: classified-listing/custom/list-items/archive-grid-9.php:29

Thank You

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