Classified theme with minimal code knowledge

I am looking for suggestions to make a classified website. I don’t have code knowledge. I need something simple and practical to start and maybe in future, I can move to what I am really looking for. I don’t know technical terms as well so, it will be a learning process as well but I am committed to doing it! The coast for higher someone will be out of my league at this moment and also because I will have to maintain so, better start from scratch. Any suggestions?


I am an experienced WordPress developer with working experience in WordPress development. If you need my services regarding Theme please contact me. looking forward to your positive replay.

Thanks Glowlogix but I have no budget for higher a developer at this moment, just looking for advises on a theme that I can work by myself with some support. Wish you great business!

Hi Gamfi,

You are more than welcome. If you need anything or information let me know. I will happy to help.


Thanks but there is all my questions for now, still waiting for some helping answers :slight_smile:

Hi @gamafi! What sorts of information will be contained in your classified listings?

There are several WordPress themes specialising in this area - if you have a list of requirements, you should be able to find one of these that matches.

For a starting point, Listify from the @Astoundify team is the current best-seller in that category:

Also, Nowhere Pro from @Monkeysan is the top rated item in that group:

Hello @gamafi. You can have a look on our following scripts :slight_smile:

Best regards.

Hi! Thanks for your message. I found several themes, that is not the problem just that I havecno experience with wordpress and I find very difficult to use it. I am looking for the most simple to usr theme like “drag and drop” but as I see until now, this is not something that wordpress are interested :confused: but I will keep looking for some options.
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Hi Selene,

If you don’t have experience, it is better to hire a Dev and get the site done for you. Spend your valuable time and focus more on your building your business. I mean, If you are good at marketing, do that, don’t spend time on building the site yourself. If you are not an expert, you will only lose time in that process.

With respect and to simply manage expectation:

  • most WordPress theme on envato either include page builders or customisable settings which are all super easy to use and probably the closest thing to alternative “drag and drop” type builders

  • if what you are after is something like Wix then I am afraid that

a) envato is not the place to find this and

b) I highly doubt that you would find anything close to as complicated as a listing type website using that type of platform

  • those type of websites serve a purpose and suit lots of users. However there are numerous technical and logistical considerations (esp if you are handling personal business data and I assume payments as part of a listing site).

Again just to help guide on your project - don’t forget that you need to consider wh more than just the theme or template you want to use eg domains, hosting, security etc. These would again impact the tech, platform or custom solution you follow

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That is not an option for me but thanks! I dont need much marketing and I have the time to make it, no matter how hard can be I am just researching for suggestions or opinions on this matter :wink:
Have a great week!


Best answer so far, thanks!! Now I am sure of what I can expect and what must be my focus: invest time and learn, get familiar and move forward! :slight_smile:

Have a great week!!



Hi selene !

If you are looking forward to a pre-made classified theme script then have a look and check out today

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You should check our application for powerful classified system:

Hi Gamafi !

If you are still looking forward to get the most feasible solution and help then please patch up via email. I will provide you complete satisfaction through my top notch quality work.

I got one non-welcoming comment, the answer was for the person but I notice that was already deleted from the forum so, all good :slight_smile:
Thanks you all for the advises, I am checking all!