Cinematic Titles project rejection feedback

Hello guys

I would like to get some feedback on this template which got rejected recently .


Is possible to use in preview videos from games like mortal kombat ?

The footage is under “Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)” so yeah its possible to use that particular footage in preview videos .

Any feedback on the template guys ?

Hi envato people!

My first guess is the missing of the underage :underage: circle from the opening.
Second guess is missing the underage circle when I am opening Videohive in a browser :slight_smile: There is not so much agression in all Videohive libraries as much could be seen in your nicely cut movie.
What the yellow ninja does with blue ninja is overly vicious I think!

But otherwise in early times I was a MK2 champion on a little friendly -all day- tournament so you found a really expert here :slight_smile:
and I could PM you my third guess and some idea if you are interested. Third guess is more about “Mise en Scene” things.


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I’d be surprised if it was tagged as CC for commercial use. Was it NetherRealm Studios or Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment that posted, and labelled the video as Creative Commons? Nobody else has the right to do so, which can be a common problem with videos labelled as CC.

The violence could be an issue as well… and it does seem very repetitive, like you spent 90% of your time working on two or three seconds of animation, and then 10% putting together the remaining 29 seconds of the video.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Here’s the screenshot of the actual footage I used which clearly displays " Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed ) . Also I have seen a couple of Templates on VH which have the same video footage as I used in my preview .
BroCast says " What the yellow ninja does with blue ninja is overly vicious I think!" I agree on that and other VH template don’t use that particular scene.
So now the question arises if the cause of rejection is because of the use of the video footage in the preview or not .

Secondly , if you would observe closely you would notice that each Title has a different fire/smoke version except the “3rd” and “6th” which is repetitive so I can change it . So clearly, I didn’t spent 90% of my time working on two or three seconds of animation as I created all the flames from Scratch which have different variations ( velocity , shape ) .

I wouldn’t say spending time on a template always makes it a quality template so if the issue is with the quality of the template then I would like to hear views on that .

Please let me know if the possible rejection reasons would be

  1. Usage of the Mortal Combat Footage
  2. One title scene gets repeated
  3. Quality of the template

Looking forward to hearing from you guys

I think that usage of the mk video is not reason of rejection. Reviewers would say that if yes.
In my oponion text and backround are static, flare in the center is very popular concept, so maybe saturated market. To much video, too small titles ? Also violence is not acceptable.

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That would be correct. The project was rejected for poor quality reasons.

To address the footage copyright issue, just because a video on Vimeo is listed as “CC0” or “Attribution”, that doesn’t mean that A) it really is, or B) qualifies it for use as a promotional element on Videohive. Remember, Videohive has their own set of rules when it comes to usable footage, in addition to standard copyright laws.

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Thanks for making the reason for rejection clear .

Is there a link where I could find information about Videohive’s set of rules for usable footage ?

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