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I am currently on a site development project for a human service project.

I recently bought the AVADA theme to build my site.

However, I am looking for a plugin that allows me to set up a client interface so that clients can:

  • Manage their profiles (contact details, …)

  • View their invoices (generated automatically after purchase)

  • Pending invoice payment (Monthly or one-off payment)

  • Generation of a SPONSOR code to benefit from a reduction (Example, I am a customer and I speak about the site to an employee, who registers and who will enter a sponsor code, this sponsor code will automatically give him a reduction, l offer can be combined with the number of customers
    reported. )

  • Receive by e-mail also notification of payment and also invoice available for renewal of the monthly subscription for example.

Thank you for your listening and your collaboration.

At the same time, I am looking for an additional if you know of a plug-in that allows me to make an appointment online with payment (without obligation to register, only to pay for an appointment online to fix it and that I have notifications of appointment and that the client receives this validation of appointment and invoice)

and lastly also a plug-in to sell online courses and training (for example, I pay for a course that interests me I automatically receive it in my e-mail or I can benefit from a student account allowing me to ‘’ buy the courses online and store them in my customer account directly.

I apologize in advance for my English, I speak French.

Wishing you good reception.


Someone help please ?

Seems like your requirements will not suit with any ready made or a pre-built system

If you are interested and looking forward to have it designed and programmed from scratch then you must try out envato studio or email me via my profile page i will do that custom work for you