Pluging for an interface for customers adhesion | WORDPRESS


I am looking for a plug-in to make my project a reality for a home service platform.

The need is as follows:

I want the customer to be able to register and pay for services directly on the platform with a profile that can manage their bills, pay for one-off services or be subscribed to a monthly offer.

The customer will be able to view his invoices, the services paid, the dates selected to trigger the realization of the home service.

The customer will also receive the invoices by e-mail.

A notification will also be sent to him automatically when an invoice is available to be paid if there has been a failure of the direct debit.

A sponsorship and discount coupon system.

I would like to have your opinion please, the choice of theme is also focused on AVADA.

Wishing you good reception.


I don’t think you’ll be able to find something with “out of box” solution but you will probably need some modifications to the theme/plugin as well as the request is too personal

@ki-themes is right you will not find (close to) this out of the box as a plugin.

If you are using some form of W Pcommerce like WooCommerce then some of what you are after might exist as add-ons/plugins etc definitely not all of it.

You would be much much better off custom developing this to prevent the alternative hacked mix of plugins for membership billing, project management, payments, etc. and which you then need to ensure integrates with whichever theme and gateway you are planning to use. Avada is a great theme but that doesn’t guarantee compatibility.