Changes to the Envato Elite Program rewards

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Hey folks,

Firstly, I want to thank the 100+ authors who joined me two weeks ago for the Elite Program Webinar. It was absolutely awesome to be able to communicate with so many of you in person! Hoping that will be the first of many :slight_smile:

Today I want to share with everyone who wasn’t at the Webinar how we’re changing the Elite Rewards. I’ve spent an incredible few months meeting a lot of fascinating authors from many different marketplaces and walks of life. It’s been great to learn about each of you, and what i’ve learned has been pretty central to informing the first round of changes we’re making towards the objective of making the rewards more useful.

I’m keen to be as transparent as possible with you folks as to what these changes are, what I’m hoping they’ll accomplish and why they need to be implemented. So feel free to read this post to get that. I’ve also included provided a link to a summary at the end.

So without any further ado- let’s get into it!

What will not change.

The rewards delivered at the 75K, 1M, 10M and 25M levels will remain the same for now. We’re also keeping all the merch (T Shirts, Hoodies and Tim Tams) the way it is for the moment.

First change: We’re removing the current advertising and marketing campaign rewards.

What it means: We are removing the Google Analytics Campaign at the 250k level, The Envato newsletter promotion at the 750k level and the custom marketing campaign at the 2M level.

Why we’ve done it: Honestly, these rewards just weren’t providing the value to our authors that we wanted them to. Whilst on some occasions, these campaigns delivered some fantastic results, too many of them were a proving disappointing.

There were over 250 marketing campaigns happening each year and each campaign took up quite a bit of time from the marketing team. For the time, money and effort required, I knew we could do better.

But there was a bigger question that I wanted an answer to. Why were these campaigns failing?

When we looked at the campaigns that had been successful we found that they all shared a few key things in common…

  1. They had a clearly articulated unique selling point, targeting a specific audience.
  2. The copy for the item was well written and optimised for that audience. It clearly communicated how the item worked and why it was unique.
  3. The visual design on the item page was beautifully tailored the specific audience.
In essence: the advertising campaigns that had succeeded had done so because the Author had a strategy, and had built the item page to compliment that strategy. Whilst many Elites have great brands, it was rare that all these three key things were achieved on a single item page.

Our Elite’s are experts, but only in their chosen fields. They aren’t necessarily marketers. You might be a brilliant coder, but not speak English as a first language. You can be an incredible musician, but not great at branding. So we asked ourselves how we could address this…

New Reward: Marketing Specialists for 125k, 250k, 500k and 750k authors.

Who they are: A crack team of marketing professionals who we’ve hand selected from studio and briefed to collaborate with our Elites to optimise their shopfronts.

What it means: At the 125k, 250k, 500k and 750k levels, you will be given a menu of different. ways in which you can enlist a member of the Envato Studio marketing specialists to build content. Let us know how you want your item to be optimised, and we’ll partner you up with a specialist who works in that area. We’ll cover the cost of their services on your behalf.

We know that different authors have different skills and different needs, so there’s a menu of things that you can choose for them to do for you:

  • Have the written copy of your item optimised by a professional copywriter
  • Have the graphics and images of your item optimised by a graphic design specialist.
  • Have an infographic developed that demonstrates how your item works.
  • Have a team of animators build a beautiful explainer video that promotes and demonstrates your item.
Furthermore, at different Elite levels you will have access to different things on the menu, and different amounts of work available for you to draw upon.
125k - (choose 1)
  • A product description for an item.
  • New graphics for your item.
250k- (choose 2)
  • A product description for an item
  • New graphics for an item
  • An infographic for an item.
500k- (Choose 3)
  • Product description for an item
  • New graphics for an item
  • An infographic for an item or…
  • One product explainer video.

750k- (Choose 4)
  • A product description for an item
  • Optimised graphics for an item
  • An infographic for an item or…
  • One product explainer video (+ 1 more)
Why we’re doing it

We want to help our amazing Elite’s to put their items in the packaging they deserve. By building the power of your item pages, we can optimise them to deliver higher levels of conversion rates from buyers.

We also want to build partnerships, between our elites and the studio marketing specialists who will work with them over time. The stronger these partnerships become, the better the work.

New Reward: Faster item reviews for 2M+ Power Elite Elite Authors

What it means: Pretty simple. When an author who has reached 2M Power-Elite level submits an item, or an update for an item into the review queue, the item’s movement through the queue will be slightly faster.

Why we’re doing it: The review queue is major pain point for a lot of authors that have reached the point of not being individual authors at all, but rather have become businesses.

Indefinite time spent in the queue can mean an indefinite amount of money if you have to pay a support team by the hour who are remaining on standby to deal with the implications of your update or your new item when it ultimately goes live. Being able to plan around faster turnaround times will hopefully alleviate some of this pain.

This will not slow down review times for others. On the contrary, with a steadily growing review team who are constantly refining the way in which they work, review times are likely to continue to get shorter.

New Reward: A highly targeted, custom email marketing campaign at the 5 million dollar level to replace the Envato Apple Macbook.

What It means: We’re replacing the macbook with an advertising campaign, of sorts! One that is highly targeted and customised with a very high chance of success.

How it works: Firstly, we take all of the email addresses of anyone who has ever purchased a product from you on Envato market. We then cross reference that data to find all of the people who have purchased your product and opted-in to receiving email marketing from Envato. This lets us build a tailored mailing list for you. A mailing list that’s comprised of people who’ve already purchased your items.

Then, you will work with our enormously talented email marketing specialist to build a custom campaign that targets those people specifically.

Why we’re doing it: Let’s get real here folks. By the time you sell five million dollars worth of stock on an online marketplace, you probably already have a computer. Moreover, you probably have a business that owns several computers. In fact, should the unthinkable happen and a crazed herd of rampaging raccoons break into your office complex and pee on your computers, you could probably afford to replace those computers four times over.

We think this reward will prove a little more useful, and more valuable than a new macbook.

So that’s the first round of changes! If you’re keen for a summary you can check out what the new page will look like very soon!


This is simply awesome and very very useful for author businesses. Well thought out Elite program rewards. And finally the faster item reviews which I created a thread about in the old forums are going to be in action after reaching Power Elite. Awesome!

@matthewcoxy :sweat_smile:


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Instead of proposing those services as free rewards, you should propose it as paid services on the market place. As an author who wants to increase my sales NOW and not when I will hit the 125K mark, I would happily pay for this service TODAY.


you can by hiring someone from studio, Envato are just covering the cost if you reach the levels mentioned…

Authors should be doing this anyway

I would love to do this, problem is we don’t have any A/B testing available for the item landing page, there is almost no way to know which one has performed better on specific metrics: time spent on the page, rebounds etc.

You can run a/b testing on a dedicated item landing website. You can also run week on/off item pages descriptions tests (e.g. copy/paste description every Monday) and compare results in Google analytics.

I’ll be paying someone on studio to help me spruce up item pages soon! :slight_smile:

I understand, and indeed authors which achieved this milestone - are businesses. However looking at the top level authors, most of them usually have one single item which are focused on. Also updates reviews seem to be very, very quick nowadays, maybe except on weekends.

This is me personally saying that this express review queue doesn’t really help me, but of course is nice to have and it’s probably very useful to others.

When this system will be online? Because I am nearly complete 250K level.

I hit the 250k milestone at the beginning of this year, I did receive the email about the 1k marketing campaign and I’ve then submitted a support ticket to Envato asking whether I could make use of the campaign into the future for another item from my portfolio, and I was told that yes I could use it for another item whenever I needed it. Up until now I haven’t made use of that reward yet, does it mean I’m still eligible for this new reward since I haven’t used the removed one?

@matthewcoxy Whatever change you do to the program… I don’t care.

but PLEASE do not remove the Macbook. I’m working hard to get that one :slight_smile: Don’t make me stop. And the replacement reward is not anywhere nearly the Macbook… If you want, you can replace it with an iMac :stuck_out_tongue: This is the only worthy item I’ve seen in the rewards program.

You said that everyone has a macbook. Because Australia is the only country you’ve seen. There are other 190+ countries. Envato is Global right?

Atleast give us an option to choose 1) nonsense email campaign 2) a macbook

Don’t know why rewards are digital rather than physical?

And sending mails to existing customer is indeed a bad idea. 1) Most of the author has got buyers emails 2) why a previous buyer purchase another item from that author unless they are an agency

please consider those facts.

#Bring back the macbooks.



Appreciate the change. It’s an improvement over existing useless marketing campaign - which didn’t produce even one sale for us - contrast that with our marketing campaigns (25-35 on similar value) and we could instantly tell whoever was assigned to our marketing campaign didn’t put any effort whatsoever at targeting.

One thing I would like to point out is, while you talk about the “item page”, it’s the worse landing page ever. Due to a lack of an external cart system (or ability to use direct-to-cart “buy now” buttons that don’t have all the marketplace clutter), sending traffic via own landing page to the item page just shocks the users when they see an overwhelming and confusing page with countless options. A cleaner item page that can be used as a landing page (or as a destination “buy now” page), prepared by someone who truly knows what landing pages should do, is the best reward authors can ask for.


Well said! :slight_smile:

@matthewcoxy Well done, from the beginning i was know that you are the right person for Envato Elite program.

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@matthewcoxy I think Macbook should be an option on reaching Author Level 8 or 9.

Love these changes :wink:
More useful, less confusing

They are more useful.
But I wonder whether the value is equal to the previous rewards?
At 250K a customized $1000 marketing campaign is worth more than a marketing specialist who improves two items. The most popular Copywriter asks $150 to improve the product description (minus 30% commission fee). So the total cost for Envato will be $210 (2*$150 - 30%) instead of $1000.
Or am I wrong?

You are not asking the right question: which one will help your business grow the most on the long run?

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I completely agree they are more useful on the long run.
It just occurred to me that it looks like a serious saving for Envato.