Change of data on the invoice

I have an urgent matter

Just 3 day ago, I bought on my account in Themefortest 2 themes called “WP Construction” and "Optima"
I have a problem because it turned out that the invoice musis, however, be exposed to other data
I want to chage all information in themforest and on the invoce to new data

Authors templates say that only Evato is able to make amendments
But I cant contact to Evato:

  • +61 3 8376 6284 ( it is always busy answering machine! and nothing will not do
  • I sent an application and received a ticket id: 308428 but there is no link http: // to see how my application

PS. With such a large company is the worst Support from what I see!


Envato only offers support using their support system, you will receive an email when there is a reply to your ticket, and you can just reply to the e-mail you will receive from Envato.

Hope this helps you out :wink:

Thank you for your response
But just from what I see is support to poor

I care about the time … and I have to wait for their gracious answer :frowning:

Well most of the time I have contacted Envato support they were pretty fast with responding to my questions, they are doing their best to get in touch with you as soon as possible, so it is just a matter of wait :smiley:

Sometimes a little patience is required with such a large and active company.

They do always reply! Also you can find them on Twitter, give them your Ticket ID, sometimes speeds it up.

Hey Rsespzoo,Thank you for getting back to me.Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make changes to these invoices.Due
to changes in how we’re required to issue invoices. Once issued, we
can’t make drastic changes to the data provided prior to purchase, as
this invalidates the document. Which is why we require you to fill in
that information before checking out.You’ll find more information about this in one of our blog posts. hope you understand the situation.

That it, e-mail tahat Ive got from them
If other people from the forum and sellers themselves templates for whom I bought it directed me to you, and everyone said would not be a problem then why is that?