Change Logo Size - Float over Slider below

hey all

Am working on a music website using the Lucille Theme. At the top it has a centered logo that sits inside a menu bar, however the way it comes up on the screen, the band’s logo is a little small and unclear as it is.

While I’d like to keep the menu bar itself the same size, I’d like to make the logo graphic maybe twice the size it currently is so that it extends down past the menu bar and hovers over the top of the slider directly below it.


If it was simple HTML i’d have no problem doing it, but knowing where to edit the style sheet and template for the theme is a little more advanced. If someone could point me in the direction of where to edit it’d be much appreciated.


Hey @kevinmcdonough,

Looks like a cool project. The author of that theme are the folks at @SmartWPress. I’ve just tagged them into this thread, but they’ll be the ones who are best placed to give you the direction you need on this :slight_smile:

You can also reach out to them directly via the comments section of their item page :+1:

Rock on, Kev. Rock on.

Hi @kevinmcdonough,

Please drop me a short mail with details and I will help you and offer more details.

Kind regards,