I uploaded a logo to my site 5906 X 1182. It was showing up fine on my site before I went on vacation at the end of April but now I notice that the logo is really small and it seems like it’s defaulting to 300 X 60. Even though I’ve changed the size a number of times, it doesn’t seem to change to full size. Can you please help me out her?

Enfold --> General Layout --> Click [Upload] button

  • Click on the logo under “Media Image”
  • Change the size to Full Size 5906 X 1182
  • Click on [Use Image as Logo] button
  • Click on [Save All Changes] button on the “Enfold Theme Option” page

Website is mijnengelsejuf.nl


I’m no web wizard, but why on Earth would you want a logo on a webpage to be 5906x1182? The way you have it, it takes up about 40% of the width of the page, so on a 1080p page the most it needs to be is under 960x192. Maybe 1920x380 or less if it’s on a 4K display or some kind of Retina action.

I went to your page, everything loaded apart from the logo which looked like it was going to take several minutes, I went off to make a cup of tea, and by the time I came back, it had one of those broken image things. But if you right click and open image in a new tab, then there it is. Maybe the theme has something built in to stop ultra giant massive logos clogging up the pipes?

One thing to note. Although the text in your logo is crisp, the background doesn’t support a resolution that high, as it’s very pixelated. Why not scale the logo down to 1920x380 maximum and then there’s none of the pixelation and considerably less load times? Your visitors will thank you for it.


Thanks for your response - so I scaled it down to 1920 X 384 (384 came up automatically) but the logo is still just as small.
Why do I want it so big? So that the logo takes the width of the page. It was doing this at the end of April but not anymore :frowning: So now I have huge gaps on the both sides of the logo and underneath. Previously I didn’t have this so I want to have it the way it was originally. I went on vacation and I don’t know what happened in the meantime…


Right, I’m not sure then. I was assuming it was meant to be in the center of the page. Have you contacted the author of the theme?


You mean the person who created the site? If so, that was me!


No, this person here… http://themeforest.net/item/enfold-responsive-multipurpose-theme/4519990