Change color of dropdowns for variation options on product page

Hi everyone,

We have TheGem theme for our WordPress company website. We are trying to setup products. I can’t seem to find where the settings are to change the default text color inside the variation dropdown boxes. Right now they are a very light grey. They do function and you can make selections. It’s just too light. I have looked all through the Colors and WooCommerce settings within the theme menus. Can’t see where I can change the color of these elements (the Colors and Sizes dropdowns). Thanks in advance for your time and help.


contact with your purchase item author @CodexThemes right here as a comments

hope they will help.


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@fieldsofrevery Hi, you can control this colors in the single product builder here . For further requests and details kindly contact us via our contact form at CodexThemes's profile on ThemeForest

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Hi there. I wasn’t sure what you meant but I figured it out. I went to TheGem settings > WooCommerce, > Product. Layout & Style. Switched it from built-in to Templates build. I don’t have any so I used Import Prebuilt. I got this in Elementor. I changed all elements to black. Only the label actually changed.

Sorry, this is the screenshot of the template and the options I changed.

@CodexThemes - I still can’t change the color, even with a single layout used. Only the label changes. None of the other elements will change color.

@fieldsofrevery Kindly contact us via our contact form at CodexThemes's profile on ThemeForest and provide your URL so we can check your configuration.