Product Variations - Images Won't Change on Selection


We have lost some functionality on our single product page where the images no longer change based on the users selection of color. We were using the built-in layouts for TheGem Theme but changed to gain more control over certain elements. We started to use the Template Builder, and imported a pre-built template. So while we can now open the page in Elementor, when selecting a different color for the product, the displayed product image does not change or correspond with the color or size in the attribute drop-downs. Upon reverting back to the built-in layout, the function is restored. Please help. @CodexThemes

@fieldsofrevery Hi, we have replied on your email request, kindly check.


Forum is general purposes but not for item support. If you are in need for the support from the item author, you should contact them directly but not through the forum

After creating a ticket or sending an email to the item author, you should wait them to respond. The usual support time is 1-2 working days and there’s no need to come here and post the same question and call the item author for the support again.

OK. Sorry. Won’t use the forum anymore.