Categories and last upload item order

Hi guys.

I’ve noticed that php categories from CodeCanyon have been ordered from sales number, and it’s not anymore as the recent approved / uploaded item.
Do CodeCanyon meant to leave that order like that? It just seems that this isn’t fair for other (new) authors who are trying to sell their products.

Best regards.

It seem that, now the predefined order is “Most rated” and not “Newest items”, has it was before.

Again, themeforest is the only marketplace not affected by this issue… ty envato

It is some mistake. Through my account - sorting to a trending items.
I come in the mode incognito (GoogleChrome) - sorting to best rated.
And if to come via the Opera browser - sorts by the best sellers.

On default view mode from chrome it displays the best rated ones…
Try to delete your opera browser cache and check if it still displays it like that…

Removed a cache in Opera - Sorting according to the best sellers.
Checked in the telephone browser - sorting according to the best rating.
I think it a mistake which has to be corrected.


You’ll probabaly need to clear your phone browsers cache also :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, this is an awesome action for ranked scripts, but will be very bad for recent authors, and newly created scripts.
And if they don’t fix this there’s no point of selling on CodeCanyon… :sob:

Its seems like this is permenent and really bad for new authors and new items. they will face really hard time getting some exposure and selling their PHP scripts. really bad move. :worried: