Can't install "Voice" wordpress theme.


I get this error message when I try installing the “Voice” theme on my Wordpress website. I just purchased 1 year licence on Envato.

"The archive could not be installed. The theme does not have a style.css file.

Theme installation failed"

Hi @Theoask,

This error occurs when the file you are trying to upload into WordPress is not a valid theme file. Please go back to your downloads page and download the theme again, making sure to select “Installable WordPress file only.”

If you don’t see this option, then you may have purchased an item which is not compatible with WordPress. I would suggest contacting the author of the item you purchased to see if they offer a WordPress version and can help you exchange it.

Hope this helps!

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Hello King (@KingDog ) , Can you please help me in this topic ? Cant use my Account After Paypal Dispute.

Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Help and Support. They will be happy to help. Thanks!

Hello @KingDog I already opened support tickets 4-5 times. no1 respond to them. How can l get help?